At Vallarta LOCAL® we strive in offering one-of-a-kind experiences: a blend of culture, food, fun cultural facts, Mexican agave spirits, and beautiful photos of your travel to Puerto Vallarta.

Our Mission

  • To allow visitors to see through the eyes of a local, and do things like a local.
  • To find amazing places for your vacation photos.
  • To always be in search for hidden food gems.
  • To tease your curiosity
  • To take you to places often missed by visitors.
  • To promote small local family businesses and to make fair businesses with these them.
  • To keep our experiences in constant evolution.

Making a difference

We pride ourselves on being a 100% local business that operates with integrity, and that gives back to the community through constant volunteer work, donations in kind and cash, and pro-bono work.

Your money stays here, it helps to improve the life not only of vendors -and their families- we visit in our tours, but it also goes towards local charities or non profit organizations.

We are in fact the only Mexican owned Food Walking Tour operator in Puerto Vallarta.

Meet the team

We guided thousands of visitors on food tours before coming together to satisfy the itchy need to design unique experiences, that would allow us to share the very best that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, through photo shoots, city walks, food tours, and tequila tastings.

Our success is measured by visitors who choose to return again and again with us.



Foodie, food history buff, photographer & architect

Hi there! I'll be delighted to be your photographer and foodie guide to share with you our yummy food and rich traditions,as well as to snap photos of your vacation.

Come, you´ll be able to see through the eyes of a friendly local who knows what curious travelers are looking for.

Food Tour Guide in Puerto Vallarta


Foodie, community leader, degree in communications

Hello, my name is Adriana but my friends call me Chacha.

Working, as well as volunteering for several non-profits since I was 17 y/o has been my way to help make this a better world everyday.

I'm a people person, and an avid reader.


Foodie, world traveler, degree in marketing, event planner

Hola! I love my country and I love traveling to get to know new cultures so when you visit my country I will be extremely happy and proud of sharing our folklore, culture and delicious food.

Let's discover why Mexican food was inscribed as wold heritage by UNESCO.

We are looking for you...


Future Team Member

If you are a friendly person with core values, involved into improving our community, who loves Mexico, and believes that PVR is an amazing place to live and would love to share it with the world, then contact us. We want to meet you and make you part of the team.

Drop us a line to: